Raidbots has closed

Thanks for the good years but the time has come to shut the doors.

I've decided to shut it down based on server costs, time required to maintain the site, and the rising popularity of other sites that provide similar data. Some more details on my reasoning as well as alternatives are outlined in this post on the blog.

If you're a developer or data enthusiast and want to check out some of the data, feel free to email me and I can provide the raw files (~6GB of JSON from Feb 2011 through Nov 2014) and information.

I'm also happy to share any code snippets or whatever else that might be useful from the codebase. I have all code and the full database backed up, it's just too expensive for me to keep running (~250GB Mongo database).

It's also possible that World of Logs may provide access to their daily summaries if you can get in touch with them.

Warcraft Logs also looks to have an experimental API that you could play with as well.