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Compare Parse Details

Enter URLs from World of Logs detail pages. Make sure it is for a specific fight and character - this cannot take dashboard pages or Full Report pages

Just about any detail page is valid: full reports, specific boss, time ranges, etc. It may or may not actually make sense but that becomes your problem.

Parse URL Parse Name (optional)
Parse URL Parse Name (optional)
Parse URL Parse Name (optional)
Be patient, this could take a little bit.

Full Raid Summary

This pulls details from all members of a raid and presents a summary of significant buffs, debuffs, and mistakes.

Use a dashboard URL for a specific fight, set of wipes, or an entire night.

Parse URL
Description (optional)
Patience is a virtue and is definitely required for the full raid summary. This could take a minute or more.



Drag to your bookmarks bar and while browsing around World of Logs, click the bookmarklet to add the current parse to a saved list. Once you have up to 3 parses selected, hit Compare and have all the URLs automatically sent to CompareBot.

Mark for Compare

This is still very beta. It has worked for me in recent versions of Chrome and Firefox on Windows. IE might require a few more steps (add to favorites, allow it even though it thinks it is dangerous, maybe unblock cookies).

Recent Comparisons

  • Archimonde H (06:46) - Крегос-Ревущийфьорд of <Алк>, Алкадзумх-Ревущийфьорд of <Алк>
  • Xhul'horac H (04:18) - Крегос-Ревущийфьорд of <Алк>, Алкадзумх-Ревущийфьорд of <Алк>
  • Fel Lord Zakuun H (03:14) - Крегос-Ревущийфьорд of <Алк>, Алкадзумх-Ревущийфьорд of <Алк>
  • Tyrant Velhari H (04:28) - Крегос-Ревущийфьорд of <Алк>, Алкадзумх-Ревущийфьорд of <Алк>
  • Socrethar the Eternal H (04:22) - Крегос-Ревущийфьорд of <Алк>, Алкадзумх-Ревущийфьорд of <Алк>
  • Shadow-Lord Iskar H (04:59) - Крегос-Ревущийфьорд of <Алк>, Алкадзумх-Ревущийфьорд of <Алк>
  • Hellfire Assault M (07:56) - Алкадзумх-Ревущийфьорд of <Алк>, Крегос-Ревущийфьорд of <Алк>
  • Hellfire Assault H (07:57) - Xerwo-Nathrezim of <solid line>, Богуск-Дракономор of <Френдз>, Death-WyrmrestAccord of <The Darkness Below>
  • Socrethar the Eternal H (08:13) - Oschmurlmurl-Blackmoore of <Entropic Gravity>
  • Archimonde H (07:40) - Алкадзумх-Ревущийфьорд of <Алк>, Крегос-Ревущийфьорд of <Алк>

How to Use CompareBot

CompareBot can take any details page from World of Logs and compare it against any other.

Some of the ways to use it:

  • Compare your own performance from week-to-week to see where you can improve
  • Compare several raiders of the same class in our your own raids
  • Compare yourself to the best in the world to see what they are doing better
  • Compare the top in the world against each other to see what makes the difference at the very high end
  • Compare a trial to your core raiders and get detailed information on what they're doing right or wrong

Finding a Parse Detail

In general, to get to the parse detail page, you will want to go to a parse, pick a specific fight, and then choose one character to get to their detail page for that fight

The detail page looks something like one of these:

Quick way to check if you are on the right page: the site menu should look something like the following:

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